Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 15

Currently Barbara and Greg are (hopefully) relaxing down in Bethany beach, soaking up the last of the summer sun before school takes the boy away and the fall steals the light of day.

Bea seems to be doing much better. Her energy is up markedly from a few weeks ago and she can make it through the day without having to crash for a nap (if by day you mean crashing at 7pm is a late night. :) ) Still a few weeks away from the next doctor appointment, but baby seems to be doing fine with dictating the terms of it's agreement with mommy's body.

In other news, Greg and I went out for his first real golf outing yesterday. Just a 9 hole course at the resort they're staying at this week, but perfect for a beginner. He did a great job (considering it's his first live action on the course) and we had some fun. In typical teenage form, the highlight of his round is that he almost hit a car on the last hole. God love 'em.

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