Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello Again

Yes.  It's been forever.  Not much to tell other than she's getting bigger and smarter every day.  While Via is physically on par with most kids, according to the pediatrician she's advanced in problem solving abilities.

2 cases in point;

When we were trying to get her to crawl (and before she learned how to roll over) Barbara placed her on the floor with a blanket underneath her.  At the end of the blanket she put a toy and tried to entice Via to crawl to it.  After a few moments of trying and going nowhere, Via grabbed the blanket and started pulling on it, dragging the toy closer and into her grasp!

On another occasion (after she had learned to roll over) we tried the same thing, only without a blanket this time.  Ha!  Parents got smart!  Problem is she got smarter too.  This time, she rolled onto her back and started kicking her legs against the floor, scooting on her butt and back.  Occasionally she would look over her shoulder to see how close she was to the toy before rolling back over and slobbering all over it.

Needless to say we're going to great lengths to hide cookie jars and other things she'll want to build contraptions to get to.

And the pictures:

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