Monday, May 10, 2010

The Bug

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Our house has been a den of festering sickness for almost a month now.

We had our 2 nieces over a while back and they brought with them some sort of Tanzanian Wasting Disease (at least that's what I like to call it). Barbara and I immediately got sick. Luckily it missed the baby because we eventually found out that we both had strep throat. Barbara lost her voice for 3 days and I was cowering in bed with a 102 temperature and chills.

We eventually got over that (or so I thought) when the baby started to get sick. Though I think some of that is my fault. I started to have a cough last Saturday, and by Sunday Via was coughing too. We thought it might just be allergies, but by Wednesday my cough wasn't gone and the baby stopped keeping food down.

And so we made our first trip to the emergency room! YAY!!!!.....not.

All in all it wasn't so bad (considering). We basically have to keep her on Pedialyte or half formula and pedialyte until she can go back to straight formula. We also have some antibiotics to give her for an ear infection. She's been such a little trooper. She was really in distress on Saturday night because her throat finally started to hurt from all the crying and coughing, but it looks like we're past the worst of it.

I would love to say that we both had a hand in getting Via through all this, but I have since developed a severe head cold (with the cough still present), so Bea had to take care of both of us for almost the entire weekend. She's awesome and a great, patient woman who deserved more for her mother's day than she got. I'll take suggestions on how to make it up to her. ;)

So, in closing, we may almost be out of the woods, and that's good because we have to get the house ready for the Christening party this weekend! Lots to do, so little time. You know. The usual.

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